• Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.

    - Linus Pauling

  • Our Purpose

    Ignite Curiosity

    Introducing young minds to the sciences

    We strive to support activities and institutions that further science learning and education for children of all ages.

    Improve Lives

    Supporting those fighting against the odds

    By investing in research and prevention initiatives, we see a brighter future for all lives affected by cancer.

  • About Elaine

    A loving wife and mother, Elaine accomplished many things with her 56 years. While in college she developed what would be a lifelong love of science. A kind, gentle demeanor and the ability to help others learn made her a wonderful teacher, and earned her many awards including Chemistry Teacher of the Year and recognition from the nations top schools, such as Tufts and Harvard.


    But for "Ms. B.", the biggest reward was seeing her students succeed both in science and in life. Letters from former students saying "I'm in Medical School today because of you" and "You pushed me to be the best I could be" were always more valuable than any award.


    Quiet and strong, she rarely complained while battling cancer. Fighting unimaginable pain, Elaine always managed to keep a positive attitude. As was her way, she was often concerned more with the well being of those around her. It is with this in mind that the EAB Fund was established.


    The EAB Fund will collect monetary donations from various activities and donate 100% of those funds to causes of which we believe Elaine would be proud to support. In the past we've donated to the North Carolina Children's Hospital, Make-a-Wish, The Rochester Museum and Science Center, Exploris, and other similar programs.

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